Throwback Thursday Album Review: Illmatic


Illmatic is the legendary debut album of the incredible lyricist Nas. At the age of 17 the artist started to write the project showing his natural and amazing talent as one of the greatest Hip-Hop artists to ever pick up the microphone.


The album is one of the most well known albums to ever be released within the Hip-Hop community. It is a massive piece of New York and east coast rap and was a building block at the time in shaping the east coast sound. Nas’ flow is smooth and executed perfectly over classic New York beats, which have been remixed hundreds of time since, due to their amazing production quality.

Illmatic is a pure hip hop album which has been and will continue to be played again and again over future years, it is timeless. Arguably the best debut album to ever be released, the then 21 year old rapper was able to create a near perfect rap album with absolutely no features.

Each track is of equal importance, with nearly every song having turned into a “classic” tracks such as ‘N.Y State of mind‘ or the quotable ‘The world is yours‘ are quite simply masterpieces.  Illmatic is known as one of the top rap albums to ever be released and its influence is undeniable.


Nas is an incredible lyricist and will forever be respected as one of the originators of the sound which we now call Hip-Hop. Illmatic is his brain child and is an album which will be remembered long after we are gone.

The Verdict (Rated out of five):



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