Album Review: I Decided


Big Sean has always lacked something as an artist in my opinion. There is very little that stands out about himself as an image, figure, lyricist or musician to myself.


His newest album sounds like another addition to the repetitive discography that he has managed to build thus far. Sean is keen to constantly remind listeners of his improvements as a rapper, often putting down his past work, an interesting take to have on so much of his own music. This often comes across not as progressive, but as an insecurity within himself.

While ‘I decided‘ definitly has some replay-ability within it, it is in singles that listeners will return to the album. Not for the full album listening experience. Big Sean struggles to discuss any new issues or topics on the project making it sound like a B side to his last release; ‘Dark Sky Paradise‘ an album full of hit singles and a poor narrative similar to ‘I decided’. I did however find Sean’s past album to produce some much better singles than the latest release such as Blessings, however the hit singles on I decided are definitely worth a listen, especially Bounce Back.

It is undeniable that Sean has a talent for rapping, just a listen to his verses or freestyles online and it is clear that he has studied the Detroit rap game extensively with so many similar flows, he is definitly talented. But talented isn’t going to amaze anyone, it will sell records though, that is a fact.


In conclusion Sean retains his spot in the rap scene as a successful and talented artist however with another release so similar to all the rest, it is becoming clear Big Sean isn’t destined to be remembered as someone who took any leaps in the genre.

The Verdict (Rated out of five):



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