Throwback Thursday Album Review: ATLiens


Outkast’s sophomore album is a very important album in the history of Hip-Hop. The project is clearly very much influenced by Dr Dre’s “The Chronic” which featured massive influential tracks such as Still D.R.E., with the duo seen still finding their sound.


The 20 year old album marks a turning point for the industry, with little hits, but the obvious display of Andre 3000 and Big Boi‘s skill as artists. Outkast maintains sounds from their debut album (Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik), however ATLiens is a very individual project with numerous flows shown from both the rappers this time around. Andre finds himself much more animated and able to create more ways to make amazing tracks despite quieter less hard instrumentals.

The interludes and skits set the album apart from anyone else at the time with very strange storylines. The tracks are very much about ignoring the issues at the time with the industry and instead just concentrating on making good music. Andre is one of the greatest lyricists within the industry and this is backed up by Big Boi’s classic one liners and hilarious metaphors.


Outkast has made landmark, and heavily influential records without involving themselves in “industry wants” and partaking in the popularity contest that is music. They have proven that music can be made which is different and that speaks to people by simply creating a sound that the artists themselves enjoy.

The Verdict (Rated out of five):



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