Album Review: B4.DA.$$


Created at the age of eighteen and released at 21, ‘B4.DA.$$‘ is the Brooklyn rapper’s (Joey Bada$$) debut album. With tones of his predecessors shown throughout the project this is an album that plays like you’ve heard it a hundred times thanks to his amazing lyricism and classic beats. The album is a key part of the hip-hop genre today, helping tie it to its roots for when other artists sometimes perhaps stray too far from what the genre was built on.


At such a young age Joey has already dropped two mixtapes both amazing also. However none as full as B4.DA.SS. This album is ambitious with 17 full tracks, meaning there is room for slip ups, tail offs and commonly boredom for the listener however Joey skips all these flaws here, changing his flow constantly from the hard hitting aggressive verses on Christ Conscious to the up beat dance track with Kiesza, Teach Me.

No stream of tracks are the same, yet the project plays like a coherent album with a key message. The message all though perhaps played out is about ‘the come up’, hence the clever title (Before the cash) playing on his name and the album’s subject. However his message is soon changed to an ego boosted Joey discussing his greatness, without mentioning his youth the rapper doesn’t take an innocent persona due to his lack of experience in the industry and instead sounds like a veteran the whole way through.


This is one of my favourite projects to be released in the past decade and with it coming from an artist so young who has so much more to give and more importantly more paths to explore musically and more life to give, I am extremely excited to see what else is in store for such a talented artist.

The Verdict (Rated out of five):



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