Album Review: Awaken, My Love!


Donald Glover is an artist who continues to push his talent into different industries showing his immense capability to produce quality content in all aspects of entertainment.


His newest project, “Awaken, My Love!” is one that once again displays the reach of his talent. Fresh off the airing of his brand new TV Show, “Atlanta” starring created and wrote by the star, which recently won a Golden Globe. Childish is basking in his comfortable position, releasing an album, which is nothing that any Gambino fan could’ve expected from past work.

The project features no rapping of any kind and is not as his past work was considered, a Hip-Hop album by any regard. The whole project features Childish without any noted features singing in a whole range of pitches and melodies. Transitioning from grand, dramatic, fast tracks such as “Me and Your Mamma” to the Jazz infused “Redbone”. Glover is pushing himself to discover where he fits in music, however I have a feeling he doesn’t want to find his position in the industry.

Despite the perfect production and the amazing instrumentals displayed on all the tracks, the album seemed lacklustre. With tracks like “California” sounding no more than irritating with no real input to the albums themes. While, it is positive to see Glover pushing the Gambino persona into different sounds, many like Gambino for the music he is known to make.


Much like if Frank Ocean were to release a heavy metal album I am sure many of his listeners would be disappointed as we have become accustomed to what an artist is known to produce. However, it is respectable to see an artist shocking the listener, just as Kanye did years ago.

The Verdict (Rated out of five):



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