Album Review: We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service


The legendary hip-hop outfit: A Tribe Called Quest has recently returned with a new project. The release is outstanding. Retaining the group’s classic sound while keeping current to issues affecting the world today. The group pieces together a near perfect rap album, waving farewell to fans in an incredibly commendable fashion.


The project causes the listener to forget their break of nearly 20 years without a release, by mentioning some of the most poetic, popular and lyrical artists of the new generation including the likes of J. Cole and Joey Bada$$. Despite this, older artists such as Busta Rhymes and Consequence are still major players throughout the albums production. The continuation of the groups classic sound has proved its incredible ability to stay relevant and essential to the genre, as well as allowing the group to retire, proud of their gigantic contribution. Instead of changing their sound in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, the group sounds proud, confident and nostalgic on ‘We Got It From Here’.

From the first released single off of Tribe’s new album it was clear to any fan that the group were just as current as ever. Certain tracks on the album help tie up key messages. ‘Kids’ and ‘Dis Generation’ demonstrate a hope for the future of Hip-Hop. Tip, Ali, Jarobi, and the late great Phife dawg show the need for hip hop to progress as a genre while reminding the younger artists that just because a sound has been tried before, that does not mean it is no longer great.


With so many ‘industry crafted’ artists emerging purely for the benefit of profit and crowd-pleasing, a refreshing farewell from a collective of such caliber is the perfect ending to 2016 for the industry and myself. Serving as a reality check for many listeners and artists a like. Showing that the some of the greatest to ever do it can still chart at the top, nearly 20 years later.

The Verdict (Rated out of five):



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